First time USA

Arrived in San Francisco on the 26th of February at noon. Walked around town all day, with my friend and director Thom Vander Beken, who lives partly here and partly in Belgium. ImageTried to get a normal sleep after being awake 36 hours (11h flight from Paris). Serious jet lag 🙂 Next day, took the Caltrain to San Jose to present the US premiere of Welcome Home on Cinequest. YES !!

I had three projections in Cinequest on the 27th, 28th and 1st of March. The last presentation was full! Since then I’m really enjoying my stay here in San Jose. Discovering California, watching several films per day and meeting my European , Asian, American and Latin American independent colleague filmmakers. Some of them are very critical to my film but others have become huge fans of it, like the great actor Seth Chatfield, who plays a character in Only Daughter.

I have to admit. I haven’t seen much films that completely convinced me. There are a lot of good ideas but most of the films have the same look… There are 2 films that I found amazing though : Girl Shaped Love Drug and Oh boy. Both films are in black and white… Is this a reaction on the digital era ?

I’m here until next Monday when I’ll take my plane back home. In the meantime I watch films, meet nice people, have Californian wine in fancy venues and ride my bike through the San Jose streets… Saterday is the closing event. I have a 1% chance of wining a price. :-)))



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Selected for Cinequest, San Jose, USA !

Beautiful ! Welcome Home has been selected in the New Visions section of the Silicon Valley cinephile film festival Cinequest. That’s great news as the film will cary on through 2013 now.

If you’re in Belgium these days come and see my first feature tomorrow in Antwerp at Cinema Zuid or at the film’s Brussels premiere on Sunday 30 December in Bozar, at the Be Film Festival. The film is shown as a closing event followed by a party where I’ll be you’re DJ for an hour. Ideal for those who like to start dancing 1 day before the 31th !-)

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A week of conferences…

On Monday the 5th of November I was invited in Ghent on a symposium organised by Belgian theater organization STEPP to give my opinion on “Hi-tech & Design, How large can scenography be?” together with my media art colleagues Ief Spincemaille and Erki De Vries.

And on Thursday the 8th of November I was invited to discuss and talk about my work on HowDoYouDo, again in Ghent. A symposium organised by the Dutch Virtueel Platform and Belgian ICT platform iMinds. This was a part of the Creative Media Days. You can see on the picture how I speak like an Italian (the Venice influence !-).

How Do You Do 2012

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Working on DarkMatr, again & again

From the 29th of October till the 3th of November we had another DarkMatr residency. This time we worked at Plateau, the workspace of all time contemporary arts organisation Nadine.

We had a mayor breakthrough with the structure of the whole installation being rounded. It’s working, VERY roughly, but we have to refine the next time we come together. We had the visit of Yves Bernard and Béatrice Balcou testing the set up. Their return will help us with changing A LOT I think…

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Welcome Home in Ghent !

Again, I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with my blog…

We had the Belgian première of Welcome Home at the Ghent Film Festival on the 10th of October at the theater of De Vooruit, followed by a drink for all our invitees. The film was then shown during several days during the festival where I met the public each time. Which was really nice. I have to be honest, it is funny to have your world premiere in Venice with 1300 men and women applauding and then come home and have your national premiere in front of 300 friends, family and sympathizers 😉  Anyway, the film is well received by a certain (:-) press but I think they should have published their articles before the show so more people could have been informe and get interested.

Welcome Home will now be distributed in Belgian arthouses the coming months. You can find dates on the film’s website : Welcome Home.

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Website “Welcome Home” is online !!

The official website of my feature film “Welcome Home” is finally online ! Check it out !  And leave you’re observations here 😉

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Fiction films and media installations

The Venice Mostra is suddenly far away… Marc of Minds Meet (my producer) is actively preparing the Belgian premiere of Welcome Home (finally the new website !) at the Ghent Film Festival coming October. In the meantime I’m working this week with my French colleagues Nicolas and Jack on my media installation DarkMatr-v2. Yes, they are very concentrated when they code in Pure Data 😉

Coming home from Italy I had to put all my energy in finding a place of at least 12 on 6 meters to be able to test the 5m large interactive Full HD screen we’re developing. I called at least 50 organizations but all work spaces were taken. A fine proof of how the Brussels and Belgian creative scene is fully alive and kicking! I luckily found a nice spot in the friendly Elzenhof Community Center here in Brussels, where we can work everyday from 9 am till 10 pm. That’s where I am for the moment and that 10 pm will be that hour in 15′ 😉

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