Salt Lake

Are You an Image?

” Salt Lake is an interactive a/v installation that invites you to investigate your lifelong relationship with images forcing themselves upon you.

Images get to us from the beginning. From images depicting the birds and the bees, with no other purpose than to enhance our knowledge, to images with a -possibly hidden- ideological or commercial purpose. Images can be real, the registration of an already past reality. Or they can be virtually added to a (reproduced) reality, claiming to be real. Distributed in all formats via print and/or electronic/digital media they intertwine layer after layer in our system, growing with our limbs and beyond, like a continuously changing, complex interwoven texture.

There is no escape -even the moon is under attack, being pursued as the perfect projection screen for the logo of a global soft-drink company. You catch logophilia and the attractive shapes and colours invite you to follow them, invoke faith and might convince you to consume sweets, sweeties, (sweets and sweeties are the same, no?) and fear.

Through branding by companies, nations, political parties, modern missionaries and unwanted associations, thoughts (brand images) and contacts (brand experiences) can pop up at any time, consciously or unconsciously. (or: whether or not consciously)

Are you a user or a you being used? Exposed to images in real time, you try to knock down the unwanted ones, the suspicious ones, the supposed trojan horses. You consciously scan, detect, identify, block, resist, deconstruct and ignore them, and try to prevent them from installing themselves into your system.

But how certain can you be that they will not always be one step ahead and remain untouchable. That they will not become part of your identity and resonate in everything you undertake? A tail formed by the resid of past exposure, continuously growing and inviting you to question at any time the authenticity of your judgement and actions of and in (hyper)reality. ”

by Bartaku

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