Welcome Home in Ghent !

Again, I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with my blog…

We had the Belgian première of Welcome Home at the Ghent Film Festival on the 10th of October at the theater of De Vooruit, followed by a drink for all our invitees. The film was then shown during several days during the festival where I met the public each time. Which was really nice. I have to be honest, it is funny to have your world premiere in Venice with 1300 men and women applauding and then come home and have your national premiere in front of 300 friends, family and sympathizers 😉  Anyway, the film is well received by a certain (:-) press but I think they should have published their articles before the show so more people could have been informe and get interested.

Welcome Home will now be distributed in Belgian arthouses the coming months. You can find dates on the film’s website : Welcome Home.


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