* 9.00 – Wake up after a good and long sleep.
* 10.15 – I’m biking real fast to the Mostra’s amazing and huge cinema tent ‘PalaBiennale’ to see “The Master” the new film of Paul Thomas Anderson. Just in time to see the film with a thousand other early Sunday morning Venetians. Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman: breath taking acting in an intriguing film that captures you for an hour but unluckily can’t keep it’s magic in the last part.
* 14.30 – I have my first interview of the day. Felipe and Kurt are also invited in front of the camera. After our talk we all go for a swim in the warm sea in front of the Excelsior Hotel, next to some young and old Italian bimbos and bimbas.
* 15.45 to 19.15 – My afternoon is filled with interviews and waiting. I haven’t written it yet but I must say I’ve never seen before that much long and shiny plastic lady’s legs in one place at a time.
* 19.30 – I go to see “Leones”, the first feature of an Argentinean director. It’s a strange and courageous film following five youngsters walking and getting lost in a forest. There seems no narrative line, the film is sometimes boring but stays mysterious. We slowly understand that we’re following five ghosts that must have had a car accident. Bravo, t last, cinema!
* 21.00 – Are we going to see the new Kitano? No, we’re hungry so we decide to go and have good food in the fine Italian restaurant of yesterday. Restaurante Africa is a friendly family restaurant where they serve the best Italian food of the Lido! A good way to end the day.
* 23.59 – Before going to bed, I read some nice articles that were written on “Welcome Home”. At this same moment the film is showing in the Montreal World Film Festival! We’re very curious how the film will be welcomed and how Nader (who plays Bilal in the film) is being received by the festival.

Good night and good luck 😉


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