Fiction films and media installations

The Venice Mostra is suddenly far away… Marc of Minds Meet (my producer) is actively preparing the Belgian premiere of Welcome Home (finally the new website !) at the Ghent Film Festival coming October. In the meantime I’m working this week with my French colleagues Nicolas and Jack on my media installation DarkMatr-v2. Yes, they are very concentrated when they code in Pure Data 😉

Coming home from Italy I had to put all my energy in finding a place of at least 12 on 6 meters to be able to test the 5m large interactive Full HD screen we’re developing. I called at least 50 organizations but all work spaces were taken. A fine proof of how the Brussels and Belgian creative scene is fully alive and kicking! I luckily found a nice spot in the friendly Elzenhof Community Center here in Brussels, where we can work everyday from 9 am till 10 pm. That’s where I am for the moment and that 10 pm will be that hour in 15′ 😉


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