I live and work in and from Brussels. I’m an audiovisual artist developing multi-disciplinary projects in film and digital arts. I work with visual artists, choreographers, actors, scientists, film-makers and I collaborate with code artists on ‘responsive’ installations.

I do my own research on the ‘narrative’ in old and new media. I worked on Art&D research projects, like for the experimental installation ‘DarkMatr’, which was funded by iMinds. A second, more creative version of this research conclude with an installation called DM2.

My installations are a contribution to the digital arts, which, for me, is about experimenting with new media and technologies, data mining the internet, creating new cinematic experiences, reflecting on the narrative and questioning the human relation with information and communication technologies.

I’m also a film director, assistant director, line producer and post production manager. I collaborated with filmmakers like Frédéric Fonteyne, Philippe Falardeau, Alex Stockman, Patrice Toye, Olivier Smolders, Laurent Van Lancker, Jürgen Leth & Lars Von Trier. In the summer of 2012 my first feature film ‘Welcome Home‘ had its international premiere at the Mostra of Venice in the Critic’s Week selection. From there it travelled in film festivals around the world. Through cinema I like to reflect on the city of Brussels, that strange capital of Europe, a Babel I love and hate and is the buzzy town I live in since 25 years.

I also did and do other stuff. Like various workshops linking new media with the performing arts. I worked as a production manager and scenographer on several art exhibitions and I often collaborate with Brussels based iMAL, Centre for Digital Cultures and Technologies. I’m also a member of r-Ohm, a collective that reflects on the crossover of arts, food, society and economics. In the past I was a member of the ‘RGB~Toysband’, a collective of performers using hacked electronic toys as instruments to play with in public spaces.

You can find my recent complete CV here : Bio_CV_TH_eng_14

(me after having visited the London dsei 2011 ¨>)