* 9.00 – Béatrice & I have breakfast at the hotel, warm rainy and stormy weather over Venice ! We take  the bike to the Mostra to meet Eva and my friend Ad who came from Amsterdam for the premiere of Welcome Home.

* 11.30 – Press and industry to see my film for the first time. Béatrice, Eva and Ad go see it too!
* 12.00 – Meeting with the people from the Critic’s week. They are honestly enthusiastic about Welcome Home. It touches me a lot. With my producers Tomas & Marc we go over the protocol for the World Premiere that will take place the next day.
* 12.50 – The press vision has ended. Most people stayed watching the film. A good sign according Tomas and the people from the Critic’s week. Jonathan Demme was in the theater. Wow! Tomas and I go to meet him. What do we have to say? He liked the movie and also said the editing was very good. Small talk but funny. 🙂
* 14.00 – My friends and actors in Welcome Home arrive with the boat from Venice, Felipe and Kurt. The three of us wander around the festival. Kurt has a swim in front of the Excelsior hotel. After that they go see the fantastic film of Ulrich Seidl. The one I saw yesterday.
* 17.00 – Not too interested by the festival’s circus for the moment. I decide to go for a walk on the Lido island and see real life. It’s a beautiful place.
* 19.30 – Béatrice, Ad and I go see the new film of Amos Gitai. Wow, what a deception. I Saw other movies of him before that were very strong. This is a film for and about his father who studied at Bauhaus and then had to flee away from Nazi Germany. It’s interesting but it feels a bit like you look at the work of an amateur. Strange and annoying…
* 21.30 – Béatrice and I search for a calm spot to eat, away from the festival. Italian food is full of gluten. I always have the same dish since I arrvied : grilled vegetables, combine it with some fish or other dish.
* 23.00 – We join the others : Tomas and Caroline (his wife and director) and Marc have diner together with a part of the rest of the crew that could make it to the Mostra : Cécile, Kurt, Félipe, Loup and Manah (who’s main actress in Welcome Home).
* At midnight Béatrice and I have a calm nightly bike ride to the hotel. Tired we are !


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