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Any comments, remarks or questions? Leave them on this page and I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible.

If you would like to contact me for professional information please send me an email at tom.heene[at]



3 Responses to Contact & Comment

  1. Dalila says:

    We saw your “Welcome Home”. We love it. We love Lila. And here’s our rewiew on your movie (in Italian). Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Aminta Iseppi says:

    Hello Tom, I got your contact via different sources…, we are preparing a movie based on a true story: a swiss couple that got kidnapped while travelling back home through Pakistan. They were kept hostage by the taliban for about 260 days, until they managed to escape. we are shooting almost the whole movie in India / around Udaipur, starting mid february. our 1st ad Arnold Bucher had to leave the project for personal matters…, and I’m having a very hard time replacing him. So I even started to look in Belgium… It’s a swiss project.
    I’m not sure if you still work as a 1st ad, but it’s for sure a interesting project. If you have time and would be interested, we could maybe talk on the phone? I’m in India on recce, so whattsapp would be best: 0041 78 770 66 28.
    Aminta / Zodiac Productions

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