* 6.30 – We woke up early. Boats are passing by over the Venice laguna under our window.
* 10.00 – We clean our room and make our luggage. I have a final interview with Sky later today. Before and after we’ll try to catch some more films. Kris De Wit also wants to make some photographic portraits of me.
* 17.45 – The day passed like nothing. Marc and I take the boat to the Venice bus station, from there we go to Treviso Airport. Béatrice goes directly to San Marco Airport, direction Paris.
* 21.25 – Seen it, done it, been there. Lift off for Brussels !

Thanks to all those who have read the Venice adventure. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment!


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1 Response to DAY 5 @ the MOSTRA of VENICE

  1. Gladys says:

    Hi Darlingske, what a pleasure to read your adventures, I am really happy for you and for the recognition you are getting. I wish I could be there to applause you and give you a big hug. See you back in Brussels.

    Love Gladys

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