DM2_anim DM2 (aka DarkMatr 2) is an installation in which the visitor becomes the connection between written knowledge found on the net. A dialog emerges between his body and a textual data entity. The user of the installation becomes part of a system which submerges him into a true sensory experience.

DM2 is an interactive installation that considers the web as a database for collective human intelligence. Using data visualization graphics, cinema immersion, open source software and new media, the human body connects with words, phrases and quotes found on the net.

DM2 sees the internet as an extensive semantic database. It merges data from the web and our physical world. Virtual and real information is blended into a human-computer experience that generates a mental and physical connection with the installation.


DM2 was initiated by Tom Heene and was developed by Jean-Marie Boyer and Nicolas Montgermont. It is an open source project based on Pure Data.

The making of DM2 has been made possible with the support of the Flemish authorities and the VGC. We received the particular help of FrazeIt, Nadine, iMAL, and Netwerk. The first version of DM2, called DarkMatr, was developed between 2009 and 2010, with the support of iMinds (IBBT).

leeuwtje_zonder_bijschrift_grijs       vgc_enkel_logo

Download the distribution and presentation file here (.pdf) : DM2_PresentationFile_2014

Download the detailed technical rider of DM2 (.pdf) : DM2_TechRider07_aug14

View the latest video :


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