A number of years have past.

What happened the last years?

I’ve worked mainly as a first assistant director these last three years. On short and long features. From Sweden, over Danemark, to Germany, back in Belgium and then to Portugal. Even throughout the Covid Pandemic, I’ve managed to work. I guess all those films will be coming out soon, when the theaters open again…

Beside this, I have been directing small video projects, but mainly I’ve been co-writing the script for my second feature film. A first draft was proposed a year ago to the VAF (Flemish Film Fund), but was refused because of several (very opposing) arguments by the reading commission. Some of the remarks were right though, so me and my writing partner have been working on a new treatment. And I hope we can convince a new (female) writing partner to join us to finalize a new script.

So, if you’re interested to join us for writing a very personal film with a dramatic love story, situated in Brussels, let me know 😉

As pictures tell sometimes more than words, here are some covid-19 set moments …


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