Back in the EU

DSC_0122A month has passed. I’m definitely not a good blogger…

After a fun ride with a hired car and a new Chinese friend, over the hills of California, to Santa Cruz boardwalk and sunny beach, then up north over Highway 1 to San Francisco and leaving California the next day, I arrived in Paris on the 12th of March.

In the middle of a massive SNOW BLIZZARD.DSC_0168 Yes! Paris, the North of France and Belgium was caught in a 24h chaotic late spring deep winter peak, obstructing life completely. And me too. Had to pass those 24h in and around the airport, eating in the airport, sleeping around airport.

Home the next day. With that 10h flight + the jet lag + the snow blizzard apocalypse, I had slept 4h in 40h… You can tell my first week back in Belgium was a complete mess

Three weeks ago I finally started the almost last creation week of my installation DarkMatr2 aka DM2. My fine colleagues Jack and Nicolas joined me in the magnificent workspace Nadine where we worked an intensive 14 days to finally come to a close-to-end result.

DM2_animWe showed DM2 the first time to the public in the weekend of Saturday and Sunday the 30th and 31th of March. The reactions were super positif ! This week DM2 it is still installed at Nadine for private viewing. So if you want to see it, give me a call 😉

I’ll edit some more visuals very soon to keep you posted !-)


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