First time USA

Arrived in San Francisco on the 26th of February at noon. Walked around town all day, with my friend and director Thom Vander Beken, who lives partly here and partly in Belgium. ImageTried to get a normal sleep after being awake 36 hours (11h flight from Paris). Serious jet lag 🙂 Next day, took the Caltrain to San Jose to present the US premiere of Welcome Home on Cinequest. YES !!

I had three projections in Cinequest on the 27th, 28th and 1st of March. The last presentation was full! Since then I’m really enjoying my stay here in San Jose. Discovering California, watching several films per day and meeting my European , Asian, American and Latin American independent colleague filmmakers. Some of them are very critical to my film but others have become huge fans of it, like the great actor Seth Chatfield, who plays a character in Only Daughter.

I have to admit. I haven’t seen much films that completely convinced me. There are a lot of good ideas but most of the films have the same look… There are 2 films that I found amazing though : Girl Shaped Love Drug and Oh boy. Both films are in black and white… Is this a reaction on the digital era ?

I’m here until next Monday when I’ll take my plane back home. In the meantime I watch films, meet nice people, have Californian wine in fancy venues and ride my bike through the San Jose streets… Saterday is the closing event. I have a 1% chance of wining a price. :-)))




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