* 5.00 – I woke up this morning at 4 am to take the early bus to Brussels South Airport. My airplane takes off at 7.15 am. I arrive in Treviso at 8.45. Then I take the bus to Venice at 9.00.
* 10.00 – I arrive in Venice. I meet my good old friend from Barcelona Eva Serrats, together we take the Mostra taxi boat to Lido where I’m dropped off right in front of the hotel. My room is not ready so we hire bikes and go to the Venice Cinema Palace to get our accreditations. There’s some HOT AND HEAVY WEATHER on the LIDO de VENEZIA. It’s calm at the MOSTRA
* 13.30 – I go back to the hotel to occupy my room and take a shower. Béatrice arrives from Paris.
* 15.00 – I have a 20′ phone call from Montreal for an interview (Welcome Home has also it’s premiere this Sunday on the Montreal Film Fest). The friendly journalist talks more then I do. He tells some interesting adventures he had in the past, staying in Brussels.
* 16.00 – Béatrice and I go for a light lunch and then meet with Eva at the Mostra. Eva tells us about the disastrous Spanish crisis and the effects on cultural life and life in general… Together we walk to the beach, followed by a visit to the amazing Excelsior hotel where the glitter of the Mostra is being concentrated.
* 19.00 – We go to see our first movie : “Paradise: Faith” by Ulrich Seidl in the Sala Perla. My god, this is cinema. I’ve seen Seidl’s “Import, Export” before, this is even better!


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  1. Caroline says:

    La suite, la suite…

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