I have been seriously neglecting my blog / site. We’re nearing the end of June and so much things have happened ! ‘Welcome Home’ is finally finished (waiting for the website to go online). My first feature is being send for the moment to festivals in Europe, hoping that some intelligent scout or jury thinks it is a beautiful work and worth to be shown. Anywayzz, I’m happy with it and I know some people think it is a really good movie. So, every little prayer for a selection in a festival is welcome. That’s the only way the film will have it’s life, I guess, for the moment…

In the meantime, I started back up my other project DarkMatr. I left it aside for more then 2 years, being busy with films, research in narratology and bringing up babies… DarkMatr v2 is being developed with other people then the gang of developpers I worked with before. Jack Boyer ( and Nicolas Montgermont (chdh) are both super specialized in web data and in using PureData to manipulate it. These two are the new DarkMatr gang, smaller but more precise and thus more flexible. And after a series of weeks of collaboration it’s clear, being a smaller crew makes it easier to be creative and understand each other.


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