2012 …

Long time no write … We’re two months into 2012 and I haven’t updated my blog since a while. Here’s some info on Welcome Home. Nope, the movie isn’t finished yet, ha ha. Benoit, Julie and I do have actually finished the mixing some weeks ago. This Friday Benoit will downmix all the final versions : one for the DCP (that’s the digital movie theater version), one for the Blu-ray, one for the DVD @ 25fps, 2 for television (in SD & HD) and even more for I can’t remember which versions… In the meantime we’re at STEMPEL working on the color grading and the credits of the movie with Lou Brenta. He’s the brother of Julie who did the sound editing of Welcome Home and won a César (the french Oscars) last weekend for her sound edit on Exercice de l’état (The Minister in english). Can you imagine the super people I  have worked with ?
This color grading is the final touch on my movie. La cerise sur le gateau. We’re working with a program called Da Vinci. It’s amazing what that digital machine can do in a sec. We’re even re-arranging some make up and lightning problems. Woah! Digital cinema is an even bigger lie then old skool film, but we like it :)!


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