Welcome Home distributed in Belgium !

Hoho, it’s been 8 months since I’ve posted news on my blog. Even if I’m not a big fan of Facebook, I seem to leave more sign of life there then on this personal blog.

This last half year I have been busy i.a. with creating a new website that, I hope, will be visible and online the coming months. It’s made by Lionel Maes of the young gang of la Villa Hermosa. Only, it takes time to finish this new web beast as I’m also busy with trying to distribute my installation DM2, helping my friend Laurent of Polymorfilms with his short fiction film and being a good father while my partner Béatrice, the mother of our son, has a lot of performances to prepare in Belgium and abroad. Most important though is the fact that I’ve started writing my second feature in collaboration with director and old friend Manno Lanssens. Even more important, my first feature Welcome Home will be finally (!) distributed in Brussels, my hometown and a main character in the film. Some months ago, I presented myself the movie to Claude Diouri of distribution company CNC (the website sucks but the films they distribute are great) and he immediately confirmed “This is a movie for us”.

On the 26th of March the film will be shown in two venues, the Actors Studio in downtown Brussels and uptown at Flagey (Cinematek). Both art house cinema’s are part of my cinema eduction! So this is truly a fantastic release with specific attention of the French speaking press. Avant premiere on 19/03 in Flagey and on 25/03 in Actors Studio. We’ll see how the public reacts!


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