post prod sound

We’re October 2011 and yes ! I feel the end of this long period of editing !

This summer 2 fantastic guys, Alexander and Renaud, have been working on the sound of my movie Welcome Home. In September they unfortunately had to leave the project, starting other (paid) jobs. Then something fantastic happened, my producer, Tomas Leyers (Minds Meet), brought me in contact with sound editor Julie Brenta. I sent her a dvd of the montage and a week later I received a text on my phone saying she was very touched by the project and wanted to help me finish it. Julie is a sound editor with a lot of experience. She worked on projects of directors I appreciate a lot. Yes, I’m proud and lucky she wants to help us finish the film.

Since September and October Julie has given all her free time to the project and for the moment we’re close to the end of the sound edit. We still need another day of foley (bruitage) to finish and then we start 2 weeks of mixing with another very skillful sound engineer Benoit Biral ! Finally, all this wouldn’t be have been possible with the technical help of sound studio ‘Alea Jacta’ (just up my street !) and the young production company ‘Stempel’ a little further away in Brussels, who lend us a editing suite for 2 weeks.

We’ll finally have that movie by the end of the year !


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