new year announces well …

Some great scoops ¨>)

5th of November I became the proud father a fantastic son. He’s super cool and already observes the world with great interest.

End of December I received the fantastic news that I got an ‘artist’s trajectory’ funding for the next two years for my research on ‘Participation and storytelling in film and new media arts’. That’s really great news and recognition coming from an arts commission I respect a lot: the Brussels VGC (Flemish Community Commission).

My producers have seen two edited versions of my feature film ‘Welcome Home’. With my editor David, we’re slowly making the little animal better and the producers confirmed they want to present the film to several festivals. Yeeha!

That’s the way to start a new year! No?

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My feature film is now called “Welcome Home”

With my editor David we have been working irregulary on the edit of all three shortfilms untill the end of August.

In September we’ve started to bring the three films together in one feature film. This godamned wasn’t easy. We’ve tryed several mixes and finally found one that we proposed last week for the first time to our Flemish and French speaking producers… They we’re negative and positive at the same time !!! Well, we still need to work a lot but the film seems to be there and has some magnificent scenes too.

I’ll keep you posted!

Check out some more pictures in de link in this blog: Welcome Home

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editing 3x Lila

well, it hasn’t been simple…

after having waited 6 months to be able to work with very good film editor Ewin, we finally start working on my films again… till the doctor tells Ewin he has to take of some weeks as he’s having a complete burn out… (he’s been working a whole year and has quit some trouble in his complicated personal life I think)

that’s that! aargh!

now, after having tried 2 weeks with another editor, I found out that I want to edit the rough cuts on my own, and that’s what I’m doing at the moment, until I find a new film editor with whom I get along a 100% … because I’m difficult myself

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some time has past

It’s almost the end of may 2010. Time has past and a lot of things have happened. Here are some newsies:

* we’ve presented DarkMatr in december 2009 at iMAL

* a lot of applications for festivals have been written

* i have been working on the editing of my 3 shortfilms, and i still am

* Salt Lake is selected fot the FILE PRIX at the FILE festival in Sao Paulo in Brasil

* DarkMatr will be presented at the e-culture fair at ISEA 2010 in Dortmund

* …

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working on darkmatr again

We’re working on darkmatr in the groundfloor (a space i’ve called r-ohm) from November till the 5th of December.

Pieter, Lionel and Lievn work on the processing graphics, Olivier on the sound. I do all the production and hardware preps for the installation set up in iMAL. The result of the DarkMatr research will be shown there from the 16th till the 19th of December 2009. It should be the first real public showing of the prototype of the installation.

Check out our blog for recent info :

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did my own movies


It’s been a while ! We’re already the last day of October. Months have past. Since my last post I’ve finished the shooting of Alex Stockman’s film and started the preparation and production of my own 3 short films. In the mean time I’ve been in Santiago the Chile for setting up our installation Salt Lake (

And two weekends ago I finally finished the shooting of the last of my 3 films! It has been really GREAT. 20 years ago I went to film school hoping one day I would make my own movies. It happened years later ! If I’m lucky my producers think the 3 movies are good enough to join them into a feature film and that means we’ll maybe get into a theatrical release… Wow…

I’ll keep us posted about this, hoping for the best!


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working for the movies

the residency at imal is finished

in may we’ll have a new one, to finish the prototype of Dark Matter

our contract with the IBBT ends that month

these weeks i’m working on the preparation of my own 3 shortfilms and the feature film of Alex Stockman. one of my films will be shot in july, the other 2 somewhere in september. Alex’s film, Pulsar, will be shot during 4 weeks in april and may, very soon. i’m his first assistant director so i’ve quiet some stuff to prepare… beware…


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Actually in residency @ iMAL. Working on the new installation Dark Matter (heavy stuff!). Check our blog on the link > DARK MATTER BLOG.


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